Wednesday, October 14, 2015

20:03 and disappointing pastina

Let's start with the run, the reason I write these posts anyway. I know I just wrote yesterday that I've been lucky with the weather not being too hot or too cold. Well, I spoke too soon. It was around 50 degrees this morning, unbeknownst to me when I picked out my running clothes. I noticed all the other people out walking and running had their long sleeves and hats and pants and stuff. Then there's me. I'm running past with my short sleeves and shorts... and goosebumps. Yes, I am the only person I know that still ends up with goosebumps and cold hands after a run. My ears were really the worst part for me; they were sold cold they hurt. I literally held my hands to my ears for five minutes after my run until they were normal temperature again. Now, watch, I'll wear ear muffs tomorrow and it'll be 65 degree again!

The run itself felt great! Much better with a full night's rest. My legs didn't feel as tight, for whatever reason, and my feet didn't hurt me as much. I felt like I was bounding up the hills and didn't need to slow down on the down hills just to catch my breath. I was actually really excited about it and couldn't wait to see my time. I was a little disappointed to see that, after the way I felt, my run was only 5 seconds faster than my last 2 mile run. Which is basically no difference at all. It was kinda like in football when your team does their best and "finishes the drill" (a little reference to my bulldogs) but the other team is just a little better; you know when it goes down to the last seconds and there's nothing else you could've done (maybe I'm the only one that feels that way...). Anyway, try as you may a loss is still a loss, no matter how well the team played. That's how I feel about my run. I felt great and I thought I ran my best but, at the end of the day, I couldn't break 20. But, there's always tomorrow.

Now I'll talk about the second aspect of my goal - the food! Last night's dinner was more than a little disappointing. I'm guessing that I did something wrong but Giada's pastina soup didn't turn out at all like I expected. It smelled delicious while it was simmering but then, I added the pastina, which absorbed all of the broth as it cooked, and I was left with watery pastina with carrots and peas. I know I must have down something wrong because Giada's stuff is normally so good.

You can see from the picture, although it's not the greatest, there's just no liquid there. It looks like rice with peas and carrots, which is kinda what it ended up like. Whomp whomp... Tonight I've got collards and spicy pumpkin so, let's see how that goes! Here's too Fall foods and cooler runs!

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