Saturday, May 26, 2012

Welcome to our humble abode Nala

We just got a puppy! And she's precious!! We named her Nala, not because she reminded us of the Lion King, but because we all love Disney and Cinderella is a terrible name for a german shepherd mutt.

Her temperament is wonderful- she loved people, and she's so playful, and learns really quickly! She just doesn't like other animals, which is perfectly fine because we don't have other pets.

But, we've never had any other pets. And we have no idea how to handle her. And I feel horrible. I feel a little like we're letting her down for not raising her properly. Luckily, the people at the vet's office and PetSmart are so helpful and friendly. We've asked so many questions and, most-likely, messed up so many times. But, they've treated us normally and given us so much advice.

Right now, she's asleep. Her world has been kind of turned upside down right now. There's a whole new world that we've just introduced her to AND given her two baths (the second we got home she got bugs in her fur). From here, we're just hoping that she doesn't wake up to be a monster.

*pictures to come*