Monday, December 5, 2011


My day started yesterday. Technically yesterday never ended. There was that moment for about 3 hours where I took a nap but, that's about it. And now, I'm feeling it; especially since the sun has gone down. My body is moving slower and I can't think straight. I don't even want to get off my futon to get food. Correction- I don't want to move long enough to eat even if the food was brought to me.

I got to see my boyfriend this morning before Japanese though. That was lovely. I always love being with him and I usually never get to see him around campus.

When I came back to the dorm there was a 30 minute nap before I had to email my teacher. I just received a 78 on a project I worked really hard on. He was supposed to have office hours to talk to people about their concerns but, it turns out everyone was awarded 5pts to align the average score with that of previous years. (obviously,  it was graded too strictly) So now I have to hope that the extra credit I earned goes to this project, or even the last test because I don't know how I did on that either...

Now, I'm ready for bed. Seriously. At 7:40. And my roommate wants to make coffee and cookies later. Actually, she wants to pull an all nighter. More power to her! I'm definitely not gonna participate. I want cuddle up on my pillow, under all my blankets, next to my boyfriend and just go to sleep.

Song of the day:
5 o'clock: T-pain feat Lily Allen

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The Beginning

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