Wednesday, February 20, 2013

So I suck at this blogging thing

Maybe I should have made "keeping up with my blog" one of my New Year's Resolutions; maybe then I would have been better at it! And I have SO many thoughts I wanna share (with whom, I have no idea since no one reads this thing!). Since I have to this point in time missed the mark on how blogging works, and New Year's is way over, I'm going to make a new promise, right here, to:

  • Write at least 3 times a week
  • Be relevant, try not to always write about things that happened WAY in the past
  • pictures are good
  • music is cool too
  • links, gotta love links
That's all I've got so far, kinda did that on the fly too! And since absolutely no one (and I mean no one...) reads this, I don't need to worry about responding to comments on anything... (sad crickets chirping...)

Anyways, going along with this whole promising to write three times a week thing- I'm gonna try and write about Valentine's Day tomorrow morning (totally breaking my whole "stay relevant" rule but, hey, who's out there to read this and find out!? Yea... that's what I thought.)

Good Night!