Monday, July 27, 2015

New Direction

So... I've been meaning to start this for almost a month. My performance on the Peachtree Road Race this year was lack-luster. I mean... I guess it was alright, but it was slower than last year and I was devastated for the rest of the afternoon. Therefore, I am changing the focus of this blog to a diary of my progression, throughout the coming year, leading up to my next chance at a Peachtree Road Race PR.

To recap this month, quickly, it's been less than stellar. I've been running pretty steady 10 minute miles, which would be fine and dandy had I not been running sub-9 about two years ago. Sure the heat could play a factor, but it was hot two years ago too. I've had a couple of good days where I broke 28 minutes for a 5k (that'd be what? a 9 minute mile - I'll take it). But that hasn't been consistent.

Today wasn't one of those days. It was roughly 80* when I started. I ran 30:24.

I don't really know much about running, as far as diet, training patterns, how the body works, I just run and hope I have a good time. That might have something to do with why I don't have great results but, unless someone is going to pay me to run, I can't afford all of that. It also might be how stubborn I am, but I have an addiction to sugary food and olive oil and bread and pasta and cheesecake (omg cheesecake!!). I just can't give up any of that without losing my mind. And in my opinion, running just wouldn't be fun anymore if I couldn't cool off after a long run with a homemade ice cream sandwich (I swear I've eaten two a day...I'd include a pic, but they're not the sexiest things I've ever made. This was the recipe though :

 This is my mission:
  • Run alternating 2 or 3 miles a day
  • Run 6 miles every other week
  • Continue to cook yummy meals that are delicious and nutritious ;) 
  • Beat my Peachtree time from two years ago (hopefully by a long shot!!)
Here's to life, goals, and Mondays!