Friday, July 12, 2013

Call me crazy

You know how normal people are obsessed with things like Johnny Depp or photography or something? Well, I'm obsessed with fonts (and cupcakes). I could literally spend hours determining the perfect font for a simple powerpoint. Sure, I want it too look good and I want good grades but, what I really care about is the texture the font brings to the overall look of the slides; does it create movement, does it flow, does it's character jive with the subject matter. You know, all really important things. I swear, if someone wanted to appoint me designated font-picker for anything ever, and pay me, I'd be happy.

My love of fonts and desire to put them together and make something beautiful out of them can be overwhelming. You know how I just ran the Peachtree, on the 4th of July? Well, I entered their t-shirt design contest. Of course, I didn't win- I spelled the name of the race wrong! But, I guess besides that, my design wasn't clean enough. So, I've decided to take another shot at it; this time, I'm gonna make it immaculate! I was so excited about playing with fonts again to possible make a winning design, I literally started last night. That's probably way to early.... But I told you, I'm obsessed!

Well, it didn't last long. My design looks a whole lot better as a sketch than a full blown piece. I'm still not done with it but, I sent it to my boyfriend as I was working, you know to get his opinion and praise for my brilliance, and he kinda brought me down. He said my design was too intricate, it wouldn't be chosen. He was right, of course. My favorite design style is Victorian so I used that as my inspiration and wound up with way too many swirls and ornaments for a t-shirt. So now it's back to square one and I'm bummed. I don't really know what I want it to look like now... good thing I have a year!