Thursday, September 10, 2015

30 seconds down!

Great news - my run was 30 seconds off the my last 3.1! I really don't know what could have caused that difference since I didn't really notice myself running faster or feeling lighter on my feet or anything. I'm not complaining, for sure! But, I do wish I knew what made me faster - I really don't think it was sheer luck or spunk. I'm not really that lucky of a person.

Anyway, on a less positive note - I still haven't run 6 miles since the Peachtree... The weather is starting to get better so maybe that will give me the motivation to get out there and enjoy the run. It's really hard to enjoy running when there's so much blaring sun and pounding heat. But when the weather is better it might be easier. Although with this foot pain, who knows. Speaking of which, it is really bothersome! I can't even walk sometimes with the pain I feel. There's a little tight ball under my heel that just won't work loose. I assume that's it's a muscle cramp but, I'm not a doctor so.... who knows what's going on there...

On another positive note, my cooking hasn't slowed down any! I've got a pesto focaccia panini for lunch today and I'm super excited!