Thursday, February 21, 2013

Valentine's Day Recap

In three words: less than perfect. Me and my boyfriend have been having a hard time because of all the hours he works. (Does that make me selfish, that I feel like he doesn't have time for me between work and school?)

Anyway, it started off pretty rough and slowly got better. I guess the reason why I still describe it as less than perfect is because the bad stuff sort of tainted my whole day.

What he got for me:

  • three pink balloons
  • peanut m&ms
  • a teddy bear
What I got for him:

  • breakfast,
  • lunch,
  • dinner!!
Basically, i guess, he wins because I didn't really get him anything. I just made him food- tons and tons of heart shaped food all day long, because I can.

Breakfast, which I didn't take a picture of because it was just too darn early to be awake anyway, was a bagel with cheese and a heart-shaped egg. This was the general idea:
It's safe to say that's nothing how mine turned out. In fact, it took me three tries until I finally got something that cooked all the way through and looked remotely like a heart!

Lunch was a whole heck of a lot bit easier. It was just pizza! I shaped it into a heart though and cut all the meat and veggies in hearts too! Again, because I can. ;) 

I also took the liberty of making a separate dessert just for lunch. They were called boyfriend brownies- appropriate! Yea, well, they turned out nothing like the picture! I was more than a little disappointed until I ate one- the sugar coma convinced me they were delicious despite their odd appearance.

Dinner was my favorite (mostly because it was THE BEST dinner that I think I've ever made). I made a WHOLE roasted chicken, parmesan green beans, heart-shaped roasted potatoes (you knew that was coming) and italian herb bread with roasted garlic.
Paula Deen's Lemon-Pepper and Rosemary Chicken
Because the chicken was Paula Deen's recipe, it was obviously delicious (could be the mass amounts of butter, but who cares about health on a holiday!) The meat was so moist and juicy and the skin was perfectly crispy. By the way, this was the very first whole chicken that I have ever cooked, EVER. It was a disgusting process. Do you know what an uncooked chicken feels like- cold and wet and it's heavy like a little baby (which basically means I was contemplating vegetarianism at this point). It seriously took everything I had to clean and stuff and lather that thing with butter as fast as I could so I could be rid of it! Good thing it turned out better than I ever could have hoped because that probably would have been my first and last whole chicken otherwise, Thanks Paula!

Roasted Potatoes
I added the link for the potatoes because she had them in a marinade for a while, normally I just through them on a pan with some seasoning, toss, and go! I didn't, however, follow her seasoning suggestions. To be honest, I completely forgot what I put on these little cuties (but seriously, how precious is that heart shape, c'mon!). I think it was something like chives and onion salt and oregano. It was basically a little of everything tasty that I have in my puny small cabinet. And they turned out wonderful! Yea!

Here the rest of the spread:
Yes, those are Christmas china and why yes, everything is on a coffee table. Welcome to college! I think flowers spruced it up a little though ;)

Dessert was a drink I found called "love potion." It was so tantalizingly perfect, I had to make it. *Not my image (duh, it's too professional looking!)
Sprite, raspberry sherbet, pink lemonade, and vodka

And for dessert, I tackled... molten chocolate lava cake! ohmygoodness!!!
Molten Lava Cake
 Definitely SO GOOD!!! Because it was Valentine's Day, I didn't want just good, I wanted great. So instead of making a couple individual cakes, I decided to make one, giant lava cake, for us to share (awww, isn't that cute!) I couldn't really find a recipe for just one cake, or a recipe that would allow me to divid all of the ingredients without wanting to pull my hair out (how am I supposed to divid 5 eggs by two, they don't make half-eggs!). This is the recipe that I ended up finding and using. It's by lululu at home. Originally the recipe was supposed to make 6 cakes. Well, halved the recipe and poured the entirety of that into one large mug, and stuck it in the oven. Of course, it takes longer to cook now than 15 minutes (it's more like 20-25) but I just waited for it to rise and for the top to be set, as she says in the recipe, and VOILA! a perfectly giant lava cake for two! The picture up there is the final devastation. Yep, we weren't able to finish it because we had eaten so much dinner already and that lava cake was ginormous! 

So that was the end. It was a pretty good day all in all, and most certainly a delicious one. I hope everyone else enjoyed their special days! If anyone actually read this, this is the time I would ask how your Valentine's day went. But, as of yet, no one is out there... so... yea.