Monday, August 3, 2015

After the weekend

I expected this morning's run to be better since I spent the end of last week south of the city, where it's SUPER hot. I figured running in the heat would be good training and could make me faster. My run this morning was 20:05. That's a little faster than my last 2 miles but it wasn't as fast as I expected, especially given how well I felt. Starting off at my house, there's a hill within the first 20 steps that goes for about 1/10 of a mile. Usually, about half way up, I get really tired and half to slow down and catch my breath. Today my legs felt strong and I had no problem powering it up the hill. That was kind of a mood booster for the rest of the run, since I was able to start off on a strong note. I figured, because I felt so great, I would have a strong, fast run on the books.

That's why I was so surprised, and a little disappointed to see 20:05 on my watch when I finished. I know it's not much different, but I would have greatly preferred 19:59. It's like how a $2.99 price sticker is a lot more enticing than a $3.00. They are essentially the same thing, but that two in the front makes the brain feel better about buying it. And any positive mental boost is always appreciated.

Speaking of which, I saw this blog post this morning from Disney: 12 Disney Movies That Should Inspire Your Twenties.

Seeing as I am in my twenties, Disney is always a good choice, and inspiration is always welcome, I gave it a click. I know it's a simple thing, but they took 12 Disney movies, as the title suggests, and applied the message of that film to life lessons for twenty-somethings. I absolutely loved it! I loved it so much I bookmarked it. I love it so much, I might print it out and tape it to my wall... or something. Go ahead, give it a read, and Have a Magical Day!