Tuesday, January 3, 2012


So this is what happens over breaks. I forget about the internet pretty much entirely. I haven't been on Twitter at all, Facebook barely at all. I've actually been on tumblr and pinterest pretty much everyday simply because I love looking at the pictures AND they have food recipes! 

Speaking of recipes, I just got the new foodnetwork magazine! And there are so many light recipes to help people (including me) keep up with their new years resolutions! And for those days when I don't really care about calories, there are always delicious, yummy looking recipes that I wanna try! Today's recipe of the day is one of them!

So, about what has been going on in my daily life, today was pretty relaxed. I'm leaving to go back to school Friday morning so, I wanted to spend as much time with my little sister as possible. She misses me so much when I'm at school and she was my first and closest best friend. 

My boyfriend just came up here for New Year's weekend. That was one of the highlights of my break (the other being Christmas and going to Disney of course)! It was so nice to see him again, he is my world and I hate being without him. He had to leave on Sunday to be with his family which pretty much devastated me. Work later that day was really hard to accomplish; I had to lie to all the people who entered the store and asked me how I was. "Oh, I'm fine, thanks" Actually means "oh, I'm dying inside because my other half is far away but am trying to make it through the day without crying in a corner and listening to depressing music"

I've talked to him everyday though, and I think I've Skyped him most of them too. He's going to a basketball game at Philips Arena tonight and I pretty much freaked out when I found out. I thought he was driving up there alone and it going to be late by time its over and then he'd have to drive back and I was super worried that he was going to get robbed or lost or fall asleep at the wheel. He told me a couple of frantic texts later that he was going with his friend and his friend's dad, who was driving. Momentary worries and possible sleepless night averted!

Now I'm about to watch a chick-flick with my sisters and my mom. I think its going to be Country Strong. I've never seen it and I'm not really a fan of country music so I'm not particularly interested. Again though, its something that will make my baby sister happy so, I'll be glad to do it for her.

Recipe of the day: Italian Wedding Soup

How it looked when I made it: (with lots more cheese)

Song of the day: Baby its cold outside