Friday, February 24, 2012

Life Lately

is beautiful and that's all there is to it.

First of all, I can say that I know the most wonderful, perfect guy in the entire world and that he's all mine. I've known how amazing he is from the moment I met him but, when we first started going out, I would say that I felt like he was too good for me and that I stole him from someone else that would be better for him. Thank goodness I've gotten over that self-pity mess! Now I still say that I stole him but, there is no way I'm giving him back! "Finders, keepers!!"

Everyday there is a new reason for me to be thankful that he's in my life. Whether its how well he takes care of me (without him, I would probably starve) or the little things he brings me to let me know that he is always thinking about me. Or the fact that he'll stay by my side no matter how what. I realize that I can get a little temperamental when I'm stressed but, that doesn't matter. He doesn't leave me or get angry or frustrated. He stays right next to me and lets me cry or steam in a corner for a little bit until I'm ready to be back in his arms (which is always a matter of seconds). Even when I get a little upset at him, he doesn't go anywhere. He stays and talks to me. All the effort he puts into making sure I'm ok is incredible. I honestly don't think there is another guy out there even half as caring as my boyfriend. He's simply perfect.

This was us on Valentine's Day. Those are definitely matching, flashing heart necklaces you see around our necks. Yes, we're cool ;) I bought him those wristbands too. There is one set of red and one of blue. We are both wearing one from each set.