Wednesday, July 29, 2015

7.28 - 7.29

Yesterday was 2 miles, my favorite days because they're shorter and quicker and, therefore, less pressure. Unfortunately, I ran 20:29... Not bad, but over 10 minutes per mile...

Today was a little better. I struggled hard core even though the temp was a lot better and the sun hadn't really come up that much. As I was coming down the hill, I looked at my watch (which I never do until I finish - like it might jinx me or something). I was at 29:15 and finishing up the .1 of the 3.1. So... I sprinted the rest of the way to make it under 30. Luckily, I finished 29:50 - cutting it kinda close! The only reason I wasn't really proud of it was that, had I not looked at my watch it would have been over 30 minutes, for sure.

As for food over the past two days, I definitely ate TOO much sugar on Monday. I had a throbbing sugar headache from these beauties!

They're not any special flavor or anything, I had made some cookies for Christmas in July last Saturday and had WAY too much icing left over. Since we used neon pink and green I thought it would be perfect for watermelons! They're a little messy looking and super duper sweet but, I was able to use all the left over icing and they're still darling looking. I'd consider them a win ;) 

Happy hump day!