Monday, June 17, 2013

Personal Cupcake Challenge

You know that feeling when you're awake at 4:30 in the morning working on a project and you just wanna quit but you're so close to finishing the excitement of seeing all your hard work pay off pushes you through?


Just me?

Ok, what about when you're running, the race is almost over, you're pretty much spent and then you see the finish line and people are cheering you on and you get that one last burst of speed you didn't know you had- that feeling. Maybe a couple more people with that one.

Anyways, I got that feeling yesterday from making cupcakes. Unless you're on Cupcake Wars, I don't think people normally get an adrenaline rush from making cupcakes. But my sister gave me a challenge: make banana split cupcakes (from a recipe she gave me) with fewer calories. She's trying to loose weight but, like any sane person, doesn't wanna be stuck eat cardboard. Did I mention the recipe she gave me was 600 calories!!!! Holy crap!!!
Banana Split Cupcakes; theirs and mine
If you look really quickly, mine look like little ice creams, so that's a plus. On the downside, they look NOTHING like the originals...

However, I'd have to say, I killed this challenge! You wanna know how many calories are in these miniature little beauties? 87. EIGHTY SEVEN!!! That means you could have six of these little things and still not have taken in as many calories as only one of the original recipe!! snap, I did good.

Some notes:
-dipping didn't go well, maybe i needed more nonpareils. Or maybe I needed to let the chocolate set longer. Either way, the chocolate kept falling off into nonpareils so that only the first ones looked cute.
-the vanilla frosting that I used, while it was less caloric, fell right off the little cupcakes- I would recommend something else. 
-overall, the biggest change I made was to the batter itself, my go to cake recipe for anything and everything is Better Homes and Garden's Busy Day Cake. It never fails! 
- i ended up making 43 cupcakes instead of just 40, which is what the following numbers are for.

Here are the ingredients and calorie counts: 
Here's the original recipe if you're not on a diet and loves bananas: Banana Split Cupcakes