Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Knocking off time

Wow! I haven't been keeping up with my times! I've been timing myself pretty regularly and I have every intention of writing my reflections on the run when I get back. And then something happens, I get busy, something else comes up and pretty soon, it's getting to be dinner time and writing about my run slips my mind completely.

The good news is - I've been getting faster! Since I haven't kept my promise to myself and wrote my times down consistently, I'm not sure exactly sure how my progression looks. I do know that I've gotten my 3 mile runs from 30 minutes, on average, down to 28/ 29 minutes. My 2 miles are still around 20 minutes, kinda lingering at 20:08 - :05, which really doesn't make sense to me. I really feel like my shorter runs should be faster because I'm not running the same distance. And, as I'm running, I have less ground to cover and have to psych myself up less to conquer anything I have left to run. But, somehow, everyday, I end with ten minute miles on my 2 mile days. The only thing I can think of is that I slack on the shorter runs just because they're shorter. I'd hate it if that were true but, it seems like a pretty good explanation.

Since Halloween is around the corner, I've been thinking about some black and orange goodies! So far I've made Chocolate Donut Holes and I have plans for a chocolate carrot cake (it looks tastier than it sounds, and hopefully it's pretty yummy!) I think I've been having a little too much sugar lately.. I'm seeing a couple of spots occasionally. I'm too stubborn to give up sugar entirely so I'm gonna try to space out my intake a little...

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